Our story

Spending many years in corporate Procurement world around the globe, we have seen some of the good, bad and ugly of the function. But always believed that a truly Strategic Procurement function can add significant value financially, operationally and be an internal change leader. And of course an attractive destination for talent looking to have a role with an (almost) unparalleled breadth of insights.

Procurement and the discussion around have changed. While many firms are still seeing it as the means to drive cost down, many have recognized that just a short sighted, aggressive cost reduction target does not add the strategic value sought. Instead, Procurement needs to build and manage carrying partnerships, reduce cost sustainably, ensure suppliers are fit to help drive the company's success and be able to become a trusted partner on commercial matters internally as well as protect the company's reputation externally. If there was a TripAdvisor for Corporate Procurement functions, many would still fail on those aspirations, so we believe Procurement needs to not only sell itself better, but be better.

We are passionate about Procurement, having talent with global insights and intercultural skills, bridging the gap between SME (Suppliers) and big Corporates, enabling the Procurement function technologically through AI, Cognitive Procurement, lean processes and better data analytics and visualization. Lastly, Talent is the key ingredient to the future of any function and it's not just about hiring the best, but also ensuring the talent we have gets the right support to be successful.