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Entrepreneur meets Corporation - unveiling Procurement (Google Campus London)

Unblandeur is sharing candid views on the procurement process in large organisations and sharing practical tips how to navigate pitch presentation and large customer engagement.

Many StartUps dream of landing that large brand name corporate client. On the other hands, Corporates increasingly recognize the value of partnering with smaller companies, be it as suppliers, subcontractors, innovation partners or mentees in an inhouse incubator.

In reality, the two parties find it difficult to effectively engage for different reasons. And Procurement is often seen as a blocker rather than enabler in the process by small companies. .

This workshop will give you a candid view of the challenges in working with small suppliers that large companies encounter and practical tips what you can do to get in shape to pitch to clients successfully. But also make sure you don’t get blind sighted by the big brand, spend your efforts wisely and are clear on the expectations once you land the coveted deal.

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