#Client prospects and PR

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After drafting a list of prospective clients, the next step is getting their attention. Traditional cold calling, e-mail marketing, good old fashioned letters, introductions through your network, trade shows, networking events and many other tools are at your display. Online presence and social media with quality content are becoming key ingredients in garnering attention.

However, in the B2B client space, getting attention can be tough with thousands of companies knocking at their door. PR traditionally uses established media outlets to communicate stories. Again, these can be tough to get into if you just start out. PR agencies are expensive and out of reach for most early stage Startups.

However, social media has broadened the available media platforms and storytellers considerably. That is not to say that it's easy to get attention in this increasingly noisy marketplace, but influencers like bloggers and vloggers may be more accessible to tell your brand story. Here some tips to get them on board:

  • Maintain a regular, consistent presence on social media
  • Invest in brand and design to stand out
  • Find out about influential influencers and their key audiences
  • Follow influencers. Tag and share with them as relevant.
  • Use #s to chime in on discussion topics.
  • Use several social media platforms consistently
  • Share influencer's content and tag them with a smart comment
  • Create and post your own quality content. Invite people to comment
  • Use your content and presence for reference when approaching them formally
  • Offer reciprocity and/or free product/service
  • Aim at creating ongoing relationships, not just one offs

Be sure that the more innovative companies are increasingly following social media to find out about trends in their industry. The arms race for innovations is on and if you are for example in the tech sector, this offers ample opportunity to garner attention. Popular hashtags like #Fintech have wide and to be taken seriously following. Even if you have a more bricks and mortar product business, creating quality content elevates you above the rest, as in the example of this tea specialist

We can recommend a number of free or low cost events that PR agencies host for example in London at the British Library's IP and Business Center or at Google Campus. Use those opportunities to learn key ingredients of a PR and influencer strategy that you can initially apply in a do-it-yourself fashion.

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