Procurement future

Procurement is a function still burdened with a less than stellar reputation. We like to think of how the function should evolve to remain relevant and firmly believe in its future as a commercial partner and driver of external excellence. Reimaging metrics, evolving value add and talent profiles.


Going digital

As the enterprise as a whole needs to reinvent itself in a digital world, Procurement is increasingly tasked to provide a better digital customer experience in turn. Cognitive Procurement, e-Shopper Experience,  Supplier Market places, Data visualization and more are topics we are tackling.


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Connecting global minds

A complex world requires talent that is able to collaborate effectively across boundaries and get real life exposure in different markets. We like to add to global talent development with our extensive knowledge on all continents and provide you with tools to have your Procurement team collaborate globally.


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Entrepreneurs meet Procurement

In the startup community, Procurement is mostly a feared term. With conversation traditionally focussed on scale and savings, entrepreneurs see little good coming from the function. Innovation coming from diverse sources, we believe Procurement needs to become better at engaging small firms and can act as a mentor to foster more supplier diversity.



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